Worthless Son-in-Laws Biography

Basic description:
Alt.indie-rock from the mountains of Western North Carolina. Pastoral daydream soundtracks and melody-laden rockers layered with stories of working life, eco-revenge, love, nostalgia, old television sets, letters, and plain-spoken pocketknives.


“The songwriting [on No. 8 Wire] by Jimmy Davidson with help from guitarist Rob Brown is through the roof here both melodically and lyrically, bolstered by a band that nails the songs with pinpoint perfection, floating from shades of Son Volt and the Jayhawks to the Connells and the Grateful Dead. The vocal delivery by Jimmy Davidson is rock solid on what can only be deemed one of the most pleasantly surprising releases of the summer. This one rests near the very top of the ‘highly recommended’ list. ” —Bill Hurley, The Alternate Root

“[No. 8 Wire] alternates between slow ballads, such as ‘New York Times,’ and punchy rockers like ‘Still Life With Cake.’ The balance between the acoustic guitars and piano and electric instruments is flawless. But the real strength of the new album is the songwriting. Stylistically, the album is reminiscent of many of the stellar country rock albums of the 1970s, especially discs such as Pure Prairie League’s Bustin’ Out....”—Jeff Eason, The Mountain Times

“Beautiful pop hooks and melodies wrapped in twang, reminiscent of the Jayhawks’ best stuff....“ —Warren Catlett, Radio Free Americana

"The Worthless Son-in-Laws fuse their laid-back roots sound with the jangle-pop sounds of NC band the dB's and Chris Stamey, while also recalling Son Volt and possibly a hint of the Decemberists."--Shout Magazine

The Worthless Son-in-Laws are a Boone, North Carolina-based band formed and baptized with their grammatically incorrect moniker in the wee hours of 2004. They play Appalachian Mountain Indie-Rock, which various people have likened to some combination of Ryan Adams, Son Volt, Wilco, early REM, the Jayhawks, the dB's, Mark Eitzel, the Allman Brothers, and Justin Townes Earle.

Jimmy Davidson (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Rob Brown (electric guitar/vocals) write songs about t-shirt shops, Mississippi highways, weddings, and life on container ships, among other things. Jimmy draws from his work experiences and flips through Bryan Garner’s Dictionary of Modern American Usage for inspiration, while Rob’s muse is his latent desire to be a truck driver (he is, in truth, a university professor). Jimmy used to play toy drums and acoustic guitar with songwriter Vic Chesnutt. Rich Crepeau (bass guitar, PhD) plays bass and writes a sinister country-punk number his own self now and then. And, he’s on the Boone Board of Adjustment.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws played at Merlefest 2007. Merlefest music director Claire Armbruster wrote on the Merlefest discussion boards: “I think that the hot new bands for 2007 [include]...the Worthless Son-in-Laws....They’ve all just knocked my socks off.” The Son-in-Laws also play around the Carolinas and sometimes in Tennessee. Their new album is called "No. 8 Wire," which was recorded with indie-rock veteran Mitch Easter. They also have an old CD called “Sort of Back to Having a Life.”

Band Members:

Jimmy Davidson: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Rob Brown: electric guitar, vocals
Rich Crepeau: bass guitar
Dave Brewer: drums and stuff